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Bloodshot 2020 Full Movie Reviews

Vin Diesel stars alongside Guy Pearce as a virtually unstoppable tech-enhanced soldier struggling to access traumatic buried memories in David S. F. Wilson’s superhero origin story.

With Bloodshot, Vin Diesel adds a new hero to his collection of wisecracking rebels, after notable turns as a street racer, intergalactic raider and deep space fugitive, among a series of other memorable (or not) roles. A muscular actioner with enough explosions, shootouts and beat downs to satisfy the young male audiences typically drawn to Diesel’s material, Sony Pictures’ feature should benefit from release in the immersive ICE cinema format. But even that enhancement may not broaden the movie’s appeal much beyond a predictable fan base.

Based on the popular Valiant Comics character, Bloodshot’s origin story represents Sony’s attempt to stake a claim to a cinematic universe that could become a competitive superhero franchise, but this initial installment consistently struggles to deliver the goods.

Visual effects expert and first-time feature director David S.F. Wilson doesn’t have much use for character development or backstory, jumping straight into the action as tough-as-nails U.S. Marine Ray Garrison (Diesel) confronts a group of unsavory operatives holding him hostage who are determined to extract classified information about his latest clandestine mission. Although Garrison insists he’s in the dark, aspiring arch-criminal Martin Axe (Toby Kebbell) attempts to persuade him to turn on his handlers by torturing and then executing his wife (Talulah Riley) before killing Garrison, too — but not before the soldier swears to track him down and take him out.

He’s revived in a high-tech lab by nefarious scientist Dr. Emil Hurting (Guy Pearce), CEO of Rising Spirit Technology, who reveals that Garrison is now a super-soldier endowed with incredible strength and agility: Bloodshot. Harting has replaced Garrison’s bloodstream with millions of miniaturized nano-tech bots known as nanites, transforming him with the ability to heal from injuries almost instantly and to connect directly with online networks.

Harting explains his plan to team Bloodshot with three other former service members as an unstoppable secret ops squad, including two similarly endowed combat vets and KT (Eiza Gonzalez), whose lungs have been modified so that she can breathe underwater. Before they can take on their first mission, though, Bloodshot escapes from Harting’s facility, hell-bent on taking revenge on Axe and forcing the doctor to send out the team to forcibly retrieve him before Bloodshot uncovers the conspiracy that has him effectively enslaved to Harting.

While Marvel and DC may be the big two comic book houses, there are plenty of other publishers whose characters can be mined for superhero movies and that’s what Sony Pictures has done with Bloodshot. Adapting the character from Valiant Comics, the movie tells the story of a U.S. Marine who gains superhuman abilities from experimental nanotechnology. In Bloodshot, Vin Diesel stars as the Marine Ray Garrison, a fairly typical action movie soldier guy, who finds himself wrapped up in a conspiracy much larger than himself. But with Hollywood deep into the current superhero movie trend and audiences arguably becoming tired of origin stories, first-time feature film director David S.F. Wilson was tasked with somehow delivering a fresh way to kick off this potential franchise. Bloodshot puts a surprisingly clever spin on the superhero origin story that’s fun and funny, but Diesel’s performance ultimately leaves it lacking.

The story of Bloodshot capitalizes on the audience’s knowledge of superhero movie conventions and tropes in order to deliver a second act twist that most won’t see coming. The basic plot of Bloodshot is recognizable to most: Ray Garrison (Diesel) is a dedicated and talented Marine, but his life takes a turn for the worse when he and his wife are kidnapped and eventually murdered. Ray is resurrected by Dr. Emil Harting (Guy Pearce), who’s replaced the Marine’s blood with nanites that give him superhuman strength among other abilities. Ray joins Harting’s group of super-soldiers – which includes KT (Eiza González), Jimmy Dalton (Sam Heughan) and Tibbs (Alex Hernandez) – but when he starts to remember his wife and her death, he sets out on a mission of revenge. However, when the second act twist is revealed, it completely upends everything Ray and the audience know about his origin story.


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